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The Mesomorph Body Type

All bodies are not created equal. They come in different sizes and shapes, and none of them are better than the others. Although, one body type does come close to being perfect – the Mesomorph body type. The mesomorph body type exhibits a more rectangular and muscular shape, with an athletic build and a higher muscle mass than other body types.

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Body Types Classification System

A body type is a specific classification system for human physiques. The system, developed by psychologist W.H. Sheldon, sought to sort the different kinds of human body shapes into three categories. The three classifications are endomorphic (round), mesomorphic (muscular), and ectomorphic (slim). The body type classification system is still used to this day by dietitians and fitness professionals to develop individual training and diet programs.

Winning the Genetic Lottery

In the genetic lottery, mesomorphs are the so-called winners. They are neither thin nor plump. They are usually right in the middle, with a medium build. Possibly the envy of other body types, their metabolism is efficient. Mesomorphs lose weight easily, develop muscle mass quickly, and have more muscle than body fat. Usually not very overweight or underweight, mesomorphs have an athletically solid build. Their shape is somewhat rectangular and evenly distributed. Because of the combination of long limbs and muscled physique, mesomorphs are often naturally athletic and graceful.

As with any lottery winner, mesomorphs must be careful not to squander their jackpot earnings. Because their physique comes naturally, it can trick mesomorphs into thinking the genetic winnings will last forever. Unfortunately, mesomorphs are subject to the same temptations as the other body types. Just as quickly as they can gain muscle, they can also easily lose muscle. Just as quickly as they can lose fat, they can easily gain fat instead. Mesomorphs have to pay special attention to what and how much they consume. They have to constantly monitor fluctuations in weight and mass. Extra effort also has to be placed in building up and keeping muscle. For mesomorphs, it’s a fine balance to maintain just the right amount of muscle versus fat.

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Working Out as a Mesomorph

Mesomorphs still need to work hard. Because their bodies are so malleable, they must pay attention to what their body needs and what type of workouts to perform.

For instance, if their body is tending more towards fat, they must work to lean out and build muscle. In this case, cardiovascular exercises for 5 days a week can be performed to lose fat. On the other hand, mesomorphs who wish to gain weight may need to decrease their cardio to just a couple times a week and increase their weight training to five days a week.

For mesomorphs, there’s no cookie-cutter workout to follow. It’s really about paying attention to their bodies and trying to figure out which direction to point their workouts. Because of their natural athleticism, mesomorphs do well with exercises like running, biking, and swimming and can maintain a healthy weight by doing these activities.

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The Mesomorph Diet

Although mesomorphs are in the Goldilocks category of “right in the middle,” they do have to watch what they consume. Often, young mesomorphs get into the habit of a bad diet, thinking that their metabolism will be the same even when they get older. Then they get older, and their metabolism slows down. The mesomorph can quickly pack on the pounds!

Mesomorphs are blessed with a quick metabolism, especially in their youth. This rapid metabolism means they must remember to eat the right amount if they wish to keep muscle mass and they also must adjust their diet as they age. A well-balanced diet is the best bet for mesomorphs. They can then change the number of calories overall, depending on whether they want to lose or gain weight. Most mesomorphs can follow any elimination diet (Keto, paleo, etc.), and their bodies will tolerate the change without any problems.

15 Tips to help a Mesomorph Maintain a Healthy Weight

1. Eat protein

Mesomorphs have the enviable ability to create muscle mass quickly. A diet consisting of almost equal parts protein, fats, and carbohydrates enables a mesomorph to keep fat at bay. Proteins, specifically,  keep a mesomorph in shape.  Proteins don’t have to be only red meat products. Proteins can come from plant sources such as legumes and nuts or even dairy and eggs.

2. Eat fats, the right kind

Fats are a mesomorph’s best friends. It fuels the mesomorph’s metabolism and balances appetite. However, a mesomorph needs to choose their fats carefully. Trans and refined fats, as for everyone else, is a no-no. However, mesomorphs can benefit from healthy fats like the kind in nuts, seeds, avocado, fish, and healthy oils.

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3. Food should follow a one-third plate guideline

For most mesomorphs, the food on their plate should be one-third of each food group. One third should be fruits and vegetables. One third whole grains and fats. One third of their plate should be protein.

However, mesomorphs who want to build or maintain muscle mass may require a little more protein than the one third of a plate guideline requires. When mesomorphs are trying to build up muscle mass, healthy lean proteins can help to create the mass they want.

4. More muscle mass means more weight training

Lucky mesomorphs have a significant edge when it comes to building muscle. Along with eating more protein and increasing calorie intake, mesomorphs can also do weight training five days a week. If they’re not careful about weight training, the extra calories they take in can quickly turn into fat.

Mesomorphs can choose three weight training exercises and do three sets of each using moderate to heavy weights. There would be 8-12 repetitions for each set and a 60-second rest between each set.

5. Whole grains for fiber

Mesomorphs, as with all body types, benefit from whole grains because of the fiber they contain. The fiber also creates a feeling of fullness to curb appetite.

6. Cardiovascular exercise may help mesomorphs who are looking to lean out

Sometimes, even mesomorphs have to lose weight. It happens to the best of us, even mesomorphs! Mesomorphs who need to trim down can perform more cardio than weight training. Adding 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise three to five times a week can help mesomorphs lose the weight they don’t want.

7. Along with cardio, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help mesomorphs lose weight

HIIT takes advantage of a mesomorph’s quick metabolism. HIIT is made up of intense bursts of exercise followed by lighter intervals of movement, with repetition. HIIT exercises allow mesomorphs to speed up weight loss.

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8. Mesomorphs need more extended recovery periods

Because mesomorphs are so good at using their muscles when they work out, they may need longer to recover than other body types. A grueling leg or lower back day can take a week or more to recover. That’s ok. Just work on something else and consider it a new challenge. Being able to engage all muscles is one of the perks of being a mesomorph. The mesomorph body takes well to working out.

9. Train with a variety of rep ranges, tempos, and methods

As stated before, mesomorphs have the lucky ability to tolerate and excel at most exercises. They can utilize every body part efficiently. Although it’s good to have a workout routine, mesomorphs should take full advantage of their ability to use all their muscles. By breaking out of the rut now and then, mesomorphs can tap into all their muscle groups.

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10. Eat a well-balanced diet

Being a mesomorph is all about balance. A well-balanced diet will ensure that a mesomorph won’t pack on unnecessary pounds. A mesomorph’s diet should be as close to equally proportioned as possible, with small adjustments when they want to lose or gain weight.

Registered dietitian Ryan Andrews of Precision Nutrition recommends for each meal: Men can eat “two palms of protein foods, two fists of vegetables, two cupped handfuls of carb-dense foods and two thumbs’ worth of fat-dense foods.” For women, half that amount can be consumed.

11. Any Diet Works for Mesomorphs

Again, the genetic wonder that is the mesomorph gets a pass when it comes to diets. A mesomorph can follow any elimination diet with success. Diets such as paleo, keto, or a vegan diet can be effective for most mesomorphs.

12. Eat fresh fruits and veggies for carbs

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for all body types. However, not only is balance essential, but the kind of fruit and veggies you eat is also vital. Mesomorphs need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with skins instead of processed canned fruits. Also, because mesomorphs can gain weight quickly, they need to be careful about their sugar intake as a whole.

13. More calories, better physique

Mesomorphs build muscle quickly, but they also need to maintain this muscle mass by taking in calories. More calories are required to fuel the mesomorph body than the other body types.

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14. Eat before and after a workout

To eat enough calories to support their workouts, mesomorphs should consume dense carbohydrate foods before and after a workout. Some suggestions are a half of a whole-wheat bagel with some peanut butter or a small Greek yogurt with granola and nuts.

15. Don’t start bad habits

This may seem like a given, but mesomorphs should not start bad diet and exercise habits. It’s a bit easier for mesomorphs to develop bad habits because they tend to fall back on their quick metabolism. It’s tempting to eat donut after donut if you’re so used to being able to work the calories off. However, metabolism can change quickly, but bad habits don’t. Mesomorphs need to pay extra attention to what they consume.

Is the Mesomorph the Perfect Body Type?

Although mesomorphs seem to have all the luck when it comes to maintaining a good physique, it’s necessary to remember that there is no such thing as perfect. Mesomorphs are both of the other two body types, endomorph and ectomorph, mixed together. This mix means that mesomorphs have the pros and cons of the other two body types.

No matter what body type a person is, what matters are the goals they set for themselves, and how they meet those goals. And no matter what, being healthy should always be the main goal!

The Mesomorph Body Type

All bodies are not created equal. They come in different sizes and shapes, and none of them are better than the others. Although, one body type does come close to being perfect – the Mesomorph body type. The mesomorph body type exhibits a more rectangular and muscular shape, with an athletic build and a higher muscle mass than other body types.

A body type is a specific classification system for human physiques. The system, developed by psychologist W.H. Sheldon, sought to sort the different kinds of human body


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